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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does this work?

Take surveys, get rewards.

2. Why are there no available surveys?

It looks like none of our surveys are a good match for you. Please try again another time as our surveys are always changing.

3. Where are my rewards?

Don’t worry, if you see the rewards in your TapResearch profile, know that they’re on the way and will be deposited soon!

4. Why does it say my IP is blocked?

This happens when your network connection is broken or you’re using a VPN. Please switch to another network, disconnect your VPN and reconnect to the app in order to earn rewards.

5. Why do I keep getting disqualified?

Survey creators want responses from certain people so we try our best to find matches, but sometimes your profile won’t be a perfect match and the survey will end early.

6. I need to change my profile.

If your information has changed, you can update your profile on your profile page. This includes your location (zip code).