Rewarded Surveys Economics

For Publishers and Respondents

TapResearch builds innovative insights and data collection products.

Our partnerships with top-tier mobile app publishers are key to enabling our research products, providing reach to tens of millions of people who answer questions.

Our goal is two-fold:

  1. Increase the in-app enjoyment and engagement of people within their game

  2. Deliver meaningful revenue for publishers

Let’s explore how the TapResearch Rewarded Surveys system works and the different types of rewarded moments where respondents earn currency and publishers make money.

  1. Initial profile survey (Publisher pays)

    First-time users complete a set of profiling questions that is required to be matched to survey opportunities. This is typically subsidized by the publisher and there is no direct commercial monetization. In exchange, publishers are given access to their user’s profile data through the TapResearch Audience API.

  2. Extended profile survey (Tap pays fully)

    Respondents complete extended profiling surveys that are fully subsidized by TapResearch. These surveys do not have any direct commercial monetization either.

  3. Commercial surveys (Tap pays, earns revenue from full completes, and manages payout distribution across full completes and other events based on survey performance)
    1. Full Survey Completes

      TapResearch pays the respondent and publisher, and we are likely to get paid by our customer less any deductions after data scrubbing.

    2. Disqualifications / Abandons

      TapResearch pays the respondent and publisher based on assumptions about projected revenue from full completes, and happens 1-10x more frequently.

  4. TapResearch data platform surveys (Tap pays and monetizes later)

    These are surveys that TapResearch runs with no direct commercial monetization, and then monetizes at a later date.

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