App Test Mode Tutorial

App in test mode

Once an app is created in the Supplier Dashboard it will be in test mode state. In test mode the survey wall isn't available and the interaction with the SDK is designed to verify that the integration is completed.

To promote the app to live mode please go over the following steps:

Once you setup a new app and click the Testing label in app overview you will see the following
App Checklist

This list includes the steps you need to take in order to complete the app integration

Add a test device

Only a test device can interact with an app that is in test mode. To add a test device please follow these steps

  • Go to the supplier dashboard and click on New Device
  • Add the device test name and the device identifier. The identifier can be the device id (ios - idfa android - advertising id) or the unique user identifier that you setup in the SDK

Init the SDK

The first step is to integrate and initialize the TapResearch SDK in your app, please go over the platform integration documentation for initialization steps. Once that is done you will see that the first square is checked in the app checklist

Test mode

Once the SDK is initialized start the survey wall to enter the test view
App Checklist
once that is done the second checklist will be completed.
The last step is to click the complete button to generate a test survey complete, once this is done the app is ready to go live.

Live mode

To move the app to live mode click the Testing label in app overview, then click Go Live - your app now is live.

You will also notice that now in the test view there is an extra button that directs you to the survey wall.

Integration Documentation

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